Saturday, January 12, 2008

My Poems Continued

Almost Lifeless

What is my heart's desire?
Do i wish to stay, watch and wallow in self-pity and solitude?
Should i surrender to all the forces that are keen to absorb me?
Am I to leave, without thinking to sustain, uncaring and absurd?
Where am I to go and where do I belong?
The old past is forgotten, this deserted path is uncertain,
and what awaits me is completely questionable..
I've lost my sense of self, lost all that rightness in my head
And I'm devoid of an emotion..
Tearless eyes and a speechless mouth
What am I to say or do anymore?
is there an objective, or even a reason?
Lost more than I could ever forget
Loved more than I could ever forgive
The distance ever increasing
Pleasure and pain ever so fulfilling
Where am I? Am i already dead, is this how it feels?
Where have I left my heart?
I need it all back now, it's more than I've got
My life, my virtue, my everything

Always Knew

Knew it all, my past and my future,
& I can't not wonder, it's not so far from a thunder,
But i'm still hanging on,
Waiting and Expecting..
I'm still holding on,
Faith Unbinding.....


Im fed up of saying this word,
Longing for a life that isn't this difficult..
I know it's waiting out there somewhere,
However predictable it is,
I'm yet so unsure about it..
I might drift off somewhere in the middle of this journey to a good life..
In the middle of this anticipation...

I Try..

There's a song I want to sing,
A voice that i hear,
Something inside of me..
It's like some kind of indescribable mystery
I'm trying so hard to let it out,
It's so strange because everything around me is so real...

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