Saturday, May 23, 2009

Lame-ass Resolutions!

Today's the day.
Today's the day I'll put my foot down.
Today's the day I'll finally do what must be done.
Not tomorrow.
Not tonight.
Now is the time.
The only time.
I'll listen to the songs I've had for so long but have never heard.
I'll listen to you and you and all of you and all you'll have to say.
I'll listen to me.
I'll do what I think I should do and do it today and not wait for the time I'll not want to do any of the things I wanted it to do before anymore.
I'll make those calls.
I'll get up early.
I'll speak my mind.
I'll be honest and real and only smile when it's genuine.
I'll be more on my toes.
I'll stick to what I need to do and not distract myself or let other things distract me.
I'll not like anyone for sometime.
I'll be more obedient.
I'll not raise my voice.
I'll not be lazy.
I'll read more.
I'll not waste so much time on the computer.
I'll read the paper everyday.
I'll help around the house more.
I'll learn how to cook seriously.
I'll run in the park every morning.
I'll take care of my diet and pamper myself like a proper girl should.
I'll be more attentive about people around me.
I'll dance when I want to.
I'll dress up more often.
I will because I can and I must because I should and if I don't then who would?

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