Saturday, November 07, 2009

My Second Wishlist!

  • Read all the classics
  • Help someone in a truly remarkable and life changing way
  • Paint
  • Attend an Opera
  • Witness a Ghost
  • Have a Near Death Experience, only to value life more than I do now
  • Reunite with old friends
  • Get very inspired
  • Star in a Movie or a Play
  • Learn Accents
  • Try Stand up comedy
  • Acquire a Phd. in any language, or maybe Psychology or Philosophy
  • Be able to make the life of an invalid(s) better
  • Learn sign language
  • Shave my head
  • Discover certain mysteries of life
  • Make my rating in Scrabble in the 2000s
  • Get amazingly good at other smart games like Chess and Go
  • Be part of something big, world-changing
  • Write alot
  • And have readers for my writing
  • Volunteer alot for Librivox or Recordings for the Blind
  • Make amends
  • Change for the good


  1. Why do ya wanna shave your head, babe? :(

  2. because, i want to know how i would look :P and love the baldness feel, ha :/

  3. bald n beautiful very nice .... try it ..... its like attaining nirvana :)