Tuesday, June 01, 2010

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things ♫♪♫♪♫

This maybe a tad too corny, but I think it’s time I wrote my own little list of things I love (doing).

Red wine and chocolate covered strawberries. And mint Lindt.
Potato chips. And French fries. Um, actually basically anything edibly awesome.
The sky at the time of dusk.
Making lists like these, they’re fun! :)
Going down and walking in the area on little errands preferably with a shopping list.
Sitting all day with one unputdownable book, in one place, fully engrossed and detached from the real world.
Listening to music in the dead of the night in the dark and thinking about the strangest things.
Having those philosophically intriguing deep PROductive conversations.
On sudden impulse, going to the garden for a mind-clearing walk, on random evenings, when I happen to have nothing to do.
Reminiscing looking at old photos, and listening to those memory-filled songs.
Clicking new photos, and creating new memories in new songs. :)
Being ambitiously aimless about my career. I swear, it’s like my favourite thing to do :/
Librivox-ing and Scrabble-ing :D
I want to sail around the world someday, and fly my personal jet, and scale a mountain, if not Everest :P
Don’t know yet how I propose to come around doing so, how the money’ll be made so that I can do these things. :|
I like being assigned things to do. I like doing my share of duties in a day, and follow a proper routine, wherein I do things planned-ly and all on time.
I love my daily newspaper fix. Without half an hour or more with it in a day, and I feel incomplete, like the day’s gone by too fast. I like taking things slow.
Actually, it depends on the mood. Which tends to swing a lot these days. :/
I love being at home and having nothing important or urgent to do. Because I’m one lazy bum.
I’m going to one day write a book. A biography about my mother probably. Haven’t given the subject much thought yet, but yeah, a book is on the cards.
Sometimes I cry just to feel better. Like, I’ll purposely put myself in misery. Morbid fun I know :P
I have an awesome collection of weird Hindi songs I love listening to once in a while. Like now.
One day I hope to become a professional sky diver. Among many other things. God only knows what I’ll end up doing :|
I love Lorelai Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls. I swear if her character was real we’d be married by now.
I have bi-being-tendencies. I’m sorry, world, but I can’t help myself if I appreciate feminine beauty.
I’ve noticed, that this is about the 3rd my fave shit list I’m making, and it hasn’t got any more interesting.
I wish the rains would start soon. This time I’m really hoping to enjoy the rains, unlike me-last-year, who was always half-annoyed about it raining all the time.

Moving on. I’m done with the list making. I’ve run out of things to type out.
Maybe I’ll continue next in the next post if I happen to think of new possible more profoundly interesting things I love (doing).

So, all you awesomely diverse readers, like them Norwegian and Belgian stalkers, I hope I’ve satisfied your curiosity. Which must have been non existent. But I give my self way too much self importance to doubt that you’ll weren’t curious. Ha ha :P

P.S. : I still think Daniel Radcliffe’s hot. Don’t judge me. :)

Oh and I promise the next time if I think of penning down a list like this, I’ll be more abstract and irrelevant and less clichéd :P

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