Sunday, July 04, 2010

The Big Mysteries of Life

Don't let things plague your mind. Sometimes the simplest things appear shrouded in mystery. But once you realize the truths of it all, it seems absurd in the first place that you magnified it so in your head. And I, especially so, tend to dramatize just about everything.
Some people seem mysterious, some thing's said by some people seem mysterious sometimes; but if you come to see, really see, nothing is mysterious after all. It's the appearance of things, our perception of the package as a whole.
If you come to think, really think about these "mysterious" things/people, it will hit you that you know more than you think you do. You can then analyze these apparently big mysterious, break them down into what it is, the truth of things.
I love having things clear and figured out. I avoid mystery-izing things. Excepting me, of course. I don't even know why exactly I'm writing this NOW. I just had the thought and decided to proceed it with the process of that thought by typing it out instead.

Don't ever lose a good thought. There's nothing worse than leaving something good, unused. Like a sketch for example. Don't erase anything you make, don't destroy anything you create. At the time you do, it may seem justified to you, since you are telling yourself it's not good enough to exist at all, or that you are not good enough in the first place to create whatever it is you create. Also, in the long run, it's going to do more harm than good. Every thought, every individual action is a creation. How ever good, how ever bad. And it's you who decides it's fate. Whether you want to carry out an action, put the thought to paper, put the image to sketch.

Don't ever give up on hope. Hope is all you've got. If you lose hope, you have nothing to look forward to in life, nothing worth your while to live life for.

Lastly, Don't ever stop being true to yourself. Never fool yourself into believing things that are not only not good for your believing in them, but also not good for your success as a human as a whole. The idea is to be true to that conscience of yours. No matter how hard we sometimes try to ignore it, or refuse it's existence, we have our conscience to be answerable to. We have that one personal responsibility above all else.

I'm not exactly FEELing these life lessons right now; but writing about such positivity, however preach-ily, always feels fulfilling. And Blogging about it, all the more accentuates the writing experience. :)

To end this post honourably, I'd like to paste here my second favourite poem about the title of this blog post. The first fave is here.



        by: Sarojini Naidu

            In childhood’s pride I said to Thee:
            ‘O Thou, who mad’st me of Thy breath,
            Speak, Master, and reveal to me
            Thine inmost laws of life and death.
            ‘Give me to drink each joy and pain
            Which Thine eternal hand can mete,
            For my insatiate soul would drain
            Earth’s utmost bitter, utmost sweet.
            ‘Spare me no bliss, no pang of strife,
            Withhold no gift or grief I crave,
            The intricate lore of love and life
            And mystic knowledge of the grave.’
            Lord, Thou didst answer stern and low:
            ‘Child, I will hearken to thy prayer,
            And thy unconquered soul shall know
            All passionate rapture and despair.
            ‘Thou shalt drink deep of joy and fame,
            And love shall burn thee like a fire,
            And pain shall cleanse thee like a flame,
            To purge the dross from thy desire.
            ‘So shall thy chastened spirit yearn
            To seek from its blind prayer release,
            And spent and pardoned, sue to learn
            The simple secret of My peace.
            ‘I, bending from my sevenfold height,
            Will teach thee of My quickening grace,
            Life is a prism of My light,
            And Death the shadow of My face.’

I love the last part. It's beautiful, the poetic imagery of the "prism of light" :)

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