Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Sadhu Guy

Today I sat unoccupied when the idea of a new blog post stuck. Of late I've felt very preoccupied and busy. No time to just sit down and wallow in your own thoughts as such.

There couldn't be a duller start to this blog post. I predetermined that I would start my new post with a bright, interesting, in your face line that would engage my readers, which I have grown to believe I am in serious lack of. Then I thought, how important is it to me to have a gazillion readers anyway? I don't think it's THAT important. As long as I know the people I want reading are reading, it's enough.
And that applies to everything else.
I was never like that before. Maybe that signifies maturity? Ha ha
The fact that I would think myself to be mature just because of this means that I am not, really. Why is it the common belief that only when you're older you can be wise? Wisdom is not age specific you know.

The other day, when I finally got my TV fixed, after MONTHS, I sat down and for a few minutes grew accustomed to flipping to my familiar channels. 29 for Star World, 5 for VH1, you know the drill.
Then I randomly started going through them all, and came across DD National, which I consider to be the most unwatched channel. There was this guy, bearded and all, typical sadhu and a bunch of teenagers sitting around him. My first highly judgemental impression of him was that he's this know-it-all preacher that would annoy me with his brainwashing tactics. But then he spoke ENGLISH! I know it's no big deal for a sadhu guy to speak English but I guess it was something about the way he spoke, impeccably, that I had to stay on and listen. Controlling a strong urge to pee I sat there listening to him, the questions the "youth group" directed to him, almost enchanted. Although nothing he said was new to what I'd heard before, he kind of clarified a few old thought processes I was beginning to think I hadn't had at all.
I really liked a few things he said and am going to list down them for future reference. And for your reading pleasure, of course. :P

Time is a relative thing. It depends on your emotional state. When you are truly happy and content with everything in the world, time flies, and that he said, explains how all these sadhus can sit in the mountains for hours on end, undisturbed and blissful in that heightened state that meditation tends to invoke. On the other hand, when you're down in the dumps, depressed, bored (I shall come to the "bored" thing later), all the negative shit, then time couldn't move slower.

He also said (I am keeping his name secret for the end :P) that it has been medically proven that as you grow older you become stupider. I don't want to rub this in as a full on fact and use it in certain situations because: although you become stupider, no one can beat the effect and understanding of life that experience brings with age. A child is more intelligent than us as his mind is open, and the world to him is unexplored and wonderful. When we grow older, this beauty of life goes unnoticed and we become prone to dogmas and that's how our mind closes up.

The process of learning must never stop. It is when we block out all possibility of learning that we become truly messed up and stuck in life. If you are not ready to accept the new your mind will rot.
Now about the bored thing, one fellow asked him, "why do we get bored easily?" and to that he said that boredom is something he himself has never experienced. Boredom is that induced state of mind when it is blocked. You get bored when you're so involved with your own shit, when you're psychologically self involved, when all your mental process revolve around you. You need to SYNCHRONISE yourself like you do with your iPod, with life and all it's little delights.

The idea he kept insisting upon is, that life should have the singular object of finding who you really are. And you have to make yourself the best contribution to the world. He said the only way you can really do that is if you are happy. When you feel ecstatic, you'll have effortless and sustainable relationships and life will be short and happy. If you are depressed everything around you becomes depressed. Live life as a happy person and you shall never have to deal with any unpleasantness. How nice right? We only make things complicated for ourselves. Life could be so much simpler. In all this sorrow and misery around us, the least we can do is make ourselves the best you could offer to the world. I know this sounds Miss India ish but it's also so true. You can't deny it.

Like I say sometimes, think you are a product you are solely in charge of marketing and do all that you can to be the best in terms of quality, and whatever else you may like! :P

The sadhu's name is Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev. You can google him if you're more interested!

Um. I also wanted to blog about something else but I can't quite remember it now. Ha. Keep it for later, I shall. Anyhow this post is LONG!

Toodles, bitches.

OH OH and a picture I would like to share that I clicked today. I am going to make this a ritual--every time I blog, I will put a picture :)

The view from my window.
Yes some call me privileged.

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