Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Swedish Pineapple

Tethered and twisted;
Tethered and twisted I lay in the sand.
Fumbling and tumbling and lost and down on the ground,
Groggy and bloody and clumsy.
I am unreachable.
I am wasted and thrown.
Blotched are my scars of the night.
I am broken beyond repair,
Nobody asked you to come fix me.
You couldn't even if you tried is one thing,
I'd rather you not is another.
Untimely is this occasion.
Blasphemous is this situation.
I am where I am
You're where you are;
And you're where you are

Twisted and devious
Jumbled and knotted

You are
All that you are
I am
All that I am

Look now, there your carriage goes
Without you
Run after it lest you miss it

Why should I, you question,
When it won't stop for me?

I give you that knowing look you know so well
And say
For if you don't it shall leave you behind

You then give me a knowing look I know so well
And say
I'd rather be behind if it means being with you.


  1. loved it! it could've been a part of an English musical, especially the carriage part:)sounds like well, reads like; a translation of an abstract painting- a still from the early eighteen hundreds

  2. Aditi is "Anonymous"??? Babe, I love the ending!

  3. ...and, you love me! ha :P

  4. you know I do :)

  5. beautiful writings instigate worthy replies:D
    the more provocatively well you write; the better the reaction.
    Hi Tang!:)

  6. your comments are so deliciously readable!

  7. they go well with the Swedish Pineapple, i guess;)