Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nonsensical Rant Inspired by the ONE and ONLY ADHD inflicted Ryan Higa

Practice makes a man perfect, but if nobody is perfect, then nobody is a man!
& a man is nobody, which means there are no bodies of men!
& when there are no bodies of men, then females cannot reproduce!
& if the females can't procreate, the world can't go on!
SO stop practicing, because you're causing Armaggedon!
BUT stop practicing what?
If you stop practicing anything,
If you don't do anything, then nothing will ever be done!
Then it's as good as causing Armageddon. So just do whatever you want!
& whatever you do, the end is inevitable!
BUT, there is always an EPSILON in life.
An unoccupied place outside the loop.

CHECK OUT ONE OF HIS RANTS, the last part's the best :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Of Kleptomaniacs & Towels

Dusty is a naughty kitty
A bad mischievous pussy
He loves to steal purple bras
Dreams about dancing among flowers
Dusty can't help himself when he sees pink gloves
He goes wild and grabs slyly all that he loves
Living in San Francisco has never been this fun
Never before has there been a cat like this one
Three years of theft unexplained
Six hundred items gone, just disappeared
Finally it's been discovered the illness of the poor furry crook
Now everyone's stunned when they look
At just how this unique burglar took!


Hattie the pretty henny
Laid a little baby eggy
Except the egg wasn't so little
Eight times the size of his brothers he lay still
Yet Hattie seemed unruffled
Astonished she wasn't at her new kid's build
Her child he was, however odd
Full with joy she accepted
Her huge baby she named Bob
Hattie's owner Jeremy sure was gobsmacked
Not for the first time though was an egg so fat
Harriet the hen did only last summer
Lay a egg so big her chicken bum couldn't cover!

Real NEWS! No kidding.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Apricotic Occlumency

Beautiful melodies I sang for you
To you all my loving felt so true

I waited everyday at the window sill
Feeling so lost and out of touch, I am waiting still

I wanted and wished with all my might
Thought to myself, I will not leave without a fight

Comfort me now for I am frightened
This love is doing more harm than it is doing mend

It it really love though, I question
Or is it just fallacious fiction?

Deluded I attempt for peace I seek
Somehow all efforts feel so meek

My mind it craves for clarity
My heart it's shrouded in insanity

Someday I hope to be set free
I'll realise it's all just not meant to be