Thursday, March 03, 2011


A few weeks ago  Me and my friends composed a fun song in a Manali hotel on a college trip while it was snowing outside. Although we sang in tune, we didn't end up taking a video, and then later I thought we could take a video once we can make a tune on the guitar to go with it.


Verse 1:
It snows over the mountains
It snows over the trees
It snows everywhere
It makes us free-eze!

Snow angels
Snow flakes
We're gonna go out
Whatever it takes!

Verse 2:
Snowing over the houses
Snowing over the lakes
Come on guys
Let's put on some skates!

Repeat Chorus!

Verse 3:
In and out the cold haze
Yaks lookin' at us with tha-at fa-ace
Air smokin' all over the place
Got us horny for a fire blaze!

Repeat Chorus!

Verse 4:
Down and dirty in the snow
Ooh we're all wet
Takin' it all in the chilly winter blow
Downing a Swiss Miss we're soo set!

Repeat Chorus!

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