Monday, May 16, 2011


It's such a vastly cool summer
It's going to take more than splashing water to break my noonday slumber
You look smart and charming in a grey tux
My prom dress is still with the cleaners, shucks
This gregarious melody is driving me to an untouched state of mind
Six o' clock the clock just chimed
The redness of the sky at twilight is so pleasantly moving
I wait and listen to the sound of sunset, grooving
My green trousers enjoy the blueness of the waves, it enjoys getting wet
Meanwhile my heart wells up and I have tears choking up, pent up tears un-shed
It's dark now, the beauty of the day merging with darkness
Mellow is the feel of tonight inciting me to confess
There are bright cruel lights appearing now
And I just saw an abnormally fat indigo coloured cow
Tightly I close my eyes shut
Hoping to merge with darkness just like water and sherbet
Soon enough I am sure they will find me
For instead of black I wore fluorescent yellow at sea

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