Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The really mango mango!

Today I ate a mango. An everyday thing to do when you are a mango addict living in Mumbai and the season for mangoes is fast fading. You'd think this would be a mindless activity, something you do while watching a stupid serial about perfect bahus. (well, atleast in my case) (I was bored.)

But, it wasn't. On the other hand, as dramatic as it may sound, this mundane act of eating a simple mango (actually it was pretty awesome) was a great philosophical epiphany for me.

When I was done with the fars(you won't understand these terms unless you are Sindhi), I moved on the the core. I got so into it I realised there was no mango left to eat. Scraped clean I got the idea to break it open. Something I vaguely remember doing when I was younger. Breaking it open was easy, as unlike alphonso mangoes the core of this mango variety was more open-able.

Opening it, I was presented with this huge, ugly, weird coloured seed. It was a dicot seed and when I saw it I felt like I already knew it was a dicot. But that wasn't the philosophical epiphany. That doesn't even make sense if it was. That would have been more like a past life mango grower's spiritual revelation.

Okay moving on, the SEED! I examined it, undressed it, opened it up and felt the smoothness of the individual cots and sat in awe at the beauty of it. The beauty in the ugliness. That was the first philosophical epiphany; there is a hidden beauty in all that comes off as ugly. Ugly rubber shoes that help you survive the floods on a rainy day, that's beauty. Ugliness of a storm is washed away by the cleanliness it brings.

The second philosophical epiphany (I love saying that even though an epiphany can't possibly be anything but philosophical), was that no matter how ugly the creator, the creation is always beautiful. The seed, man it looked ugly as hell, and not only that, it tasted bitter as hell too. (Yes I did take a bite, don't judge me.) That's when I pondered the irony of such an ugly-ass seed creating such an unbelievably sweet and fantastic fruit. Without seed there's no creation. And that's why no matter how great the creation, the creator is a 1000 times more abundantly great. Undoubtedly, you must have respect and admiration for the creator.


I love Phil from Modern Family. :D

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