Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another prose written by me and Aditi:

In her eyes, lies her beauty
In her doing, lies her expertise
In her sun kissed complexion lies perfection
The ideal concubine; the ultimate fantasy
His royal finger glides down her dimpled face as they lie under the rickety fan
He plucks a cherry with his mouth from her lips
Her breath feels like waves against the sandy roughness of his stubble
Her foot moves in circles on his neck with each toenail
Calculating and moving expertly, sans the slippers
Bare; making crescents on his skin from which blood oozes
Darkness falls, but the two lie unperturbed
Then, he lightly treads over to intimacy,
Running his hand down her creamy back whilst she nonchalantly flips through the leaves of a book
The incandescence of her face; he likened to a pearl
Her constancy; to a lone wooden bench
And her seldom spoken soft words; to cascading musical gems
As she lay beside him, her eyes reflect the crystal chandelier overhead
It matters not how long they lie entwined
They listen to the hushed and excited baritones emanating from divine satisfaction
Which releases their imprisoned imagination from the shackles of their own worlds

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