Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Comic-al Boy

Look at that boy, sitting in the library
Attention consumed by a "Calvin & Hobbes" comic
For a full ten minutes we stalked him
While he sat innocent, oblivious on the stool
Not for a millisecond does he look up
So rapt is his adoration and attraction
He seems other-worldly
His every five seconds' smile
The sheer joy on his face
He looks the part; he's the epitome of what a reader should be
He's aged a decade plus five years passed
In those small smiles, and often big, un-suppressed expressions of pure emotion, lies his awe
Unbeatable, the subtle wholesomeness of his amusement
In his world, there exists nothing of this one
An undeniable fantasy world he lives in
It must break his heart so when Calvin's adventures end!

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