Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The ideal getaway
Is someplace far away
In a sky full of misty rays
And a sea full of wondrous waves
Here joy of the heart stays ablaze
None no more can hold your gaze
The world is no longer black it's grey
Everything of awe ceases to amaze
You're Earth's daughter who daily does gaily graze
You're sure this is not just a phase
In the meadows the pugs you chase
This is not a game of charades
This is your life
The life you decorated with finest lace

Aditi's awesome reply to my poem:

Your beautiful convolutedness has left me in a daze, my vision is a blur, all haze. I can compare this song to everything but a donkey's brays. Haha nice, the look on thy face, i have but certainly taken thy case. But life is nothing but a race, all these niceties they do unfaze. But running after pugs, why that's only your craze. I suggest in the yellow afternoon sun you laze. And let your wondrous thoughts set your pen ablaze. Section 377 has liberated the gays!

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