Friday, June 22, 2012

Norwegian Mulberry

Whispers in the air in a language long forgotten
Whispers that would lead the world to it's true glory if one only lent one ear to listen
Not two, just the one ear will have to do
For the whispers are loud enough to be heard by one ear
And yet it's not heard at all, by any one
82 billion years have since passed
Not a soul had yet responded to his feeble call
Forgotten the dialect stays but still the Whisperer never gives up
One day, one person will hear
He's weary, so very weary of this overdue and unfinished task
So deeply entrusted by The One
He cannot give up, not now when he's waited this long
Louder he will whisper for that's all he can do
Futile it might be for the world is going to get noisier still
What chance does He hold of saving the world
Close to nothing.
So on the lone Whisperer lives
With one hope and one supreme message
Once it's delivered He'd be set free
He would cease to whisper
And so he himself will cease to be
Which is what He's wanted more than anything other
For with him being heard
The world will be saved
And He will be free to die