Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Another cynical rant about love I wrote a long time ago

The idea of being in love and staying in love for life is moronic. Who is willing to share all their important feelings and events with just one person? What purpose does it serve knowing exactly what your partner ate all day? You're not going to do a stool test and investigate if all the items are present in it's shitty form are you? Then what is the point? Why are we so bent on making our lives surround one person? Isn't our life enough? Why can't we be content with loving just ourselves and our dear ones. Why is there a need to find that one special someone. And how do you know that person is the one anyway? You don't. It just happens. When you want something bad enough you make it work, and it would work if the potential partner is even a little interested. Once the catch is fresh it can easily be fried or cooked nicely to your personal taste. I don't believe I will fall in love to such an extent that I will constantly text and talk on the phone and get restless to meet. It just doesn't fit anymore in my head. I have outgrown the prospect of love and having a boyfriend. It's not as if I don't like boys, it's just that there isn't one guy out there that seems to have a somewhat common line of thought as me. I know one day I would like to have a family. But I am not regularly striving to ensure that I do. It will happen as it will if it has to. Not that I believe in destiny. I am just not ready. I am not lonely either. I have a wonderful sister and mother and great friends and so am not lacking anything really. It's just that everywhere you look, there are couples. There is constant jabber about love and stuff.
And sometimes it just doesn't make sense.
What is the guarantee that you will stay in love when you fall in love? What if you're in too deep and can't even get out if you wanted to? It is too much drama and too much unnecessary hurt. It is just not a viable concept anymore. Shades of grey have helped me overcome the fantasy of the perfect meet-someone-out-of-nowhere-fall-in-love-and-drive-into-the-sunset. It seems wrong and fake and too material now. I will not lie and say that I don't believe in real love though. it is there because I have felt it in me, my capacity to love. It's just something too precious to lash out so easily. It will take time I know, but when I fall in love again, I am going to make it count and make sure it's really love I am in and not delusional. See, this love shit requires too much work. Not worth it, man. Just live your life and do your duty peacefully, live simply and with contentment.

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