Saturday, September 01, 2012

Alphabets Explained

A is a triangle with legs
B is 2 very close friends 1 and 3
C is half a circle
D is a harp
E is house
F is a comb
G is a step inside a C
H is two friends shaking hands
I is a really thin man
J is a hook
K is two arrows colliding
L is a nose
M is a V necked sleeveless top
N is two friends one feet obsessed
O is a circle
P is a big head & breasted woman
Q is a circle with a leakage problem
R is a mannequin in a frock
S is a snake ssss
T is a thin man with a big flat hat
U is an unbalanced cup
V is an upside down mountain peak
W is two upside down peaks
X is 2 open mouths against another
Y is a V with a downward leakage
Z is a sleeping N

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