Thursday, October 04, 2012


Black indicates depth while white assumes a paper like quality and thus in comparison falls flat in our imaginations. This is because we associate black with darkness and darkness incites fear of the unknown. Fear of lurking danger and unending creepiness. The presence of black holes in the universe is supportive to the theory of black having depth. Imagining a white hole is made difficult because of this. Although if you really think about it, white could have just as much depth if not more and could induce a lot of fear. White is blank. In a white world there would not be chaos at all. But instead a deepening sense of complete and utter deathlike silence that doesn't echo because there's nothing for it to bounce off on. Complete quiet that would cause a drastic opposite of the feeling of being peaceful. And then you have grey areas that connect the two on a whole new level. Grey would be too dull. I couldn't live in such a dismal world. I'd rather live in a fruit. Like a microscopic insect I would bite my way into an orange and feed on tiny orange whatdoyoucallits that taste like sweet heaven sun bathing.

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