Friday, November 30, 2012

Babbling, Bumbling Band of Baboons!

The tigress, head of the great baboons' congress
Was in great distress
For failing to impress
And the baboons they started to get a little restless
With the way the tigress
Always seemed to be clueless
About all things that should have kept her in abundant stress
So she decided she would digress
And start cleaning all the terrible mess
She hoped this time she would win this political game much like chess
And conquer votes if nothing else
Against her opponents more blessed
For short were their periods of recess
And more conscientious they were about peace and silence
For in a land where lay a huge abscess
It was vital for there to be a more hands on chief I must confess
Here it was not a matter of a lucky guess
The baboons they looked the same, what likeness
In thought too they were difficult to oppress
So it came to pass and the baboons all said yes
We need one of our own, one with utmost zest
To stand up to the opponent and the tigress
And claim what was always their seat, and rule it best!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My theory about the names of months!

There is no doubt that the person who named all the months was a genius. My theory is that before he could pen them all down he told his son or friend and then passed away tragically and this friend/son was young and daft and so he struggled with the last 4 names. That's why there's ER from Septemb..errr, to DecembER! So technically it's supposed to be Septemb something, Octob something, Novemb something but he couldn't remember so he just ERr-ed. However it is likely there is no something after Decemb and it was intended to be Decemb only. He must have been wondering about a 13th name so he wrongly for one last time ERr-ed again. On the other hand it could be that the last 4 months are not ERrors after all and that they have EMBERS in them signifying the burning end that in this case is the year. But that is not fair to October who's stuck with an OBER (read ogre) and so is unhappily the odd one out and wants for it to get over! So yes I am content sticking with story no. 1. Even though this is not much content to be content with!

Cornish Grapes... No. Rawest poem minus mystery!

Efforts to drive away this madness inside
This overpowering drive

I just want to be able to be as undefined as I can
Unrefined thoughts in a orderly appearing mind
I want to lend weight to my limitless imagination
Fuel my undying desires
And pursue my dreams without any inhibitions
I want to be fearless
And want to be inspired to do all this and all that
I claim to know what I seek
When what I seek is what I wouldn't naturally be drawn toward
When what I know is enough to make me feel closed up than ever
I need inspiration I need strength
To go after all that I would never
To do all that I can
Not all that I must
All that I must
Is all I always do anyway

So what point in such effort
When I myself am driving toward the madness
Instead of steering clear far far away
And being what I always end up being
With cowardice filled to the brim
And all hope extinguished from my so very weak eyes