Sunday, December 16, 2012

Pro Found!

Incessantly obsessive to the point of no return
And tortured by the figments of my own imagination
Endless nightmares of slender pointed points that are pointy
Of pencils that reverently glide on smoothly on every surface my consciousness can dream about
And circles in my brain
Round and round
Circles so perfectly large
Encompassing all that I know
So gently and at the same time so haphazardly strewn about
I just want it to stop
Constantly restless in pursuit of all things unreachable
And so all the more alluring to my greedy mind
So obsessed
So consumed with the littlest of details
Fed up myself of my running around
Trying to escape from the scary side that I can't deny I have inside
I just want closure
Want to be clear
And in control
And tame this wild crazy mind of mine
Realising all my flaws altogether
I get one whiff of attention
And I'm consumed by it
Driven solely by it
Seriously wrong is something with me
I need to relax my brain
And learn to be sane again