Thursday, March 28, 2013

Dead Moon Boat

I get fascinating dreams. I got one wherein I was at this supposedly religious place I'd never been to before with my mom and sister and had to leave for the visit at 3 am. We go to a pier and there's a huge group there, maybe 30 people and a huge lake. The moon is at the same place the sun set sun normally is at and so you can see moonlight so bright and it's so big and deathly silent and beautiful and then a long possibly Chinese red boat slowly and noiselessly pulls in on the side and the seats are in such a way that 2 people can sit in a row and there are probably 16 rows and each of the 8 face the opposite side and no one is even talking. My sister goes in and I slide in next to her and my mom just looks at us as if to say okay I will come next time and every time a person enters the boat, they are doing so one at a time, the boat tips toward the edges and it feels like it could topple over but it never does. When fully occupied, I don't even notice or look at anybody, possibly because of it being so late or because it's maybe supposed to be a quiet, no contact thing. And then I just woke up from it because being sat in that boat was too freaky; it felt like the most godless place ever and the lake seemed dead, like there was nothing in it, just water and sand, no vegetation or anything, and yet so black and deep. Ironically this place was supposed to have religious significance so no one was scared, all of them, including me, sat in total silence in the freaking self-moving-came-from-nowhere-boat.

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