Saturday, September 28, 2013

<-insert p(h)unny title here->

I hope this makes the corners of your lips curl towards where the rain starts it's watery descent.

Creepy pee that looks like curry is curry pee.
Furry keys are always freaky
That pretty tee that randomly purrs is purry tee
There's no "e" in shit, that's sh eat e.
My eyes get so misty when I miss tea.
When Chris eats a little pea he makes a sound I can only describe as crispy.
You shouldn't shy away your knees especially if they're shiny.
Lee shouldn't lie about it, he is taking it lightly.
I like it when Lee ties it tightly.
Phil's low-er half went wee and it was really flowy.
Gee my buns jiggle when I go to bunjee.
I see the tip so unclear when I am tipsy.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely what I wanted to read this morning, the edges have curved upward and have also reached the source of the rain already. Flying kisses to chubby forehead.