Monday, December 30, 2013

Heaven Pier

When I was in Rzeszow, there was a river in front of my dorm, and I would keep making plans to go for a walk by it and get some exercise done, apart from exploring the place. But, despite only working for 3 hours a day, I didn't do it regularly as I should have as I'd wake up late and it'd be dark by the time I was free to do it and other stupid lazy reasons, because when I finally did, I stumbled across the most beautiful, most serene sights, that I can't and will never forget.

On our day off - I think it was a Friday, me and Donna were just lazying around the room when we decided to go downstairs to the Biedronka for a groceries run. I had not even showered yet, so I just put some pants on my pyjamas and wore my jacket. The best thing about the cold is that you can be braless and there's no way it can be obvious :P :D

I idly said that I should go for that walk I was planning to do as we were leaving, but I didn't think I'd actually do it as I wasn't dressed for walking and I would have needed to help Donna with the bags on the way back. I didn't carry anything with me, no phone, no camera, no music, just some cash in my pocket, and as we were leaving Biedronka, Donna was carrying the bags and she asked me if I was going, and I said no, walked for another 5 yards, and said "I'm going" and as she walked back towards the dorm, I finally headed towards that narrow path towards the river that I'd always look at longingly from the window 7 floors up and I didn't know it then, but it was the best walk I have ever had in my life. Phoneless and musicless is actually the way to do it and I am so happy I wasn't overpowered by my laziness and in my entire time in Poland, I went on the walk twice. Twice is still a sad number, but I aim to go back in a few years and do it more often then :) Happy wishful thinking!

There was a path by the river for walking and I had no idea where it would end and I had nothing else to do for the day, and I felt so relaxed, I had all the time, and so much freedom, all alone in the middle (technically south) of Poland, so I kept walking and walking till I reached the very end. On my way, I saw some lovely dogs and their owners, a few runners, some cyclists, and for a while I concentrated on walking on the white line that divides the cycling lane and walking lane but the sights were so good, that eventually I stopped bothering with doing that and just let myself be taken by them sights!

It was so peaceful, the river was so reflective, the clouds were perfect, the sky was the sky - vast, endless, blue. River on my right, a lone boat, families of birds and ducks and perfect little houses on my left. I passed a small play park for children and saw some little toddlers playing, young families, looking so simply content. There was so much beauty to soak in, so much quiet, the air was so good, so clean, and it wasn't too cold, my hands were snug in my jacket pockets and the breeze was just enough to feel pleasant.

Halfway there, on my right, I saw a lake, and a pier right in the middle. I was blown away. It was completely deserted, and fenced and there was sand like a beach from when you entered. Little benches lined by the fence, and the water was super still, so the sky was the lake and the lake the sky.

I couldn't believe I was here. This was the first time I had ever seen a pier in real life and what it was! I walked on it and reached the end. And I saw the words inscribed on the side in tiny very female writing "Heaven? this is here." And that just made it so much more overwhelming for me. I stood there at the end of the pier, deciding I have to come here again, come here everyday till I leave! stay here! never leave Rzeszow omg!

I sat at the bench then for a little bit, just basking in the silence, just relaxing, being still. I felt like if I sang, I would have to be quiet, I didn't want to disturb the quiet. I felt like I would have to whisper if I wasn't alone. So being really still and really quiet and in the moment just felt right.

Then I left and walked till the end, and the end was no longer a path; there was a little bridge diverging to the main road. There were 2 couples right at the end, saying their goodbyes and probably making plans for the next time they'd meet up and as I was heading towards them, I felt like a stalker lol. Luckily by the time I was close enough, they'd gone their own ways so I could enjoy the bridge in solitude and then I headed back.

I only realised then how long I had been walking and how far I went. Passing similar sights, watching, and almost tempted to help the man putting his boat back into his truck, seeing how the sun went down and how that changed the look of the place to quite a degree, as the lake looked now a formidable place, the play park empty, no more occupied benches, no more people around at all save for a couple of really fast cyclists.

I walked back to the warmth of then home and was relieved to finally sit on my bed, getting out of my pants so I was back in my pyjamas and could resume lazy mode for the rest of the day. Felt so good to have done the walk so impromptu, and to have got some exercise done after a long time. I must have been out for about 2 hours for sure. I felt so good, it did me so good that walk. It was needed, it was something I didn't realise I needed so I wasn't chasing it or seeking it actively. It's really amazing how much good a walk can do, how much mind clearing, how much peace giving, SO much.

I took Donna to see the pier and this time I carried my camera and went crazy. Took 58 photos and took some videos too. There was a tire swing, another first for me, and I recorded a video as I swung on it so you can see the sky. Just ask nicely and it will be shared :) I can share all the pictures now so here's the link :


As I mentioned before about my dearest student Magda, she used to write a story in continuation of an assignment I gave her. I decided to put up her story in original form and unedited, and so yesterday I created a blog for her, posted the story and I want to share that also. Please read the story and also the very nice things she wrote about me hehe (no she wasn't forced to :P) and do pass it on! Here it is :

Also, "anokhee" means "special" in Hindi, which she very much is. :)

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