Thursday, December 26, 2013

List Series : Why Life Back Home Is Awesome

This list series is officially something that will be indefinitely ongoing as and when the inspiration or idea strikes. I should probably sort this blog into sections to make for organised viewing for the informed reader; sections like poems, stories, rants, travel posts, 'philosophical' posts, quotes, and other non classifiable miscellaneous shit like this. Maybe I'll do it later since I am jobless enough and I already have a hard copy of all my writing already organized that way so it should be easy enough.
I've been away from home and all that I knew and was so familiar with, and so took so easily for granted, for 70 days and I've been realising some of these things, some little, some pretty big ever since I got back home a week ago.
Anyway, let's start!

1. MY MOTHER! And her face, and her smile, and her eyes, and her cute walk, and her sweet voice, and everything about her!

2. THIS! I was so happy to see my pillows and my comforter and I've been getting amazing weird dreams filled sleep every night since I've been back!

3. The acoustics in the toilet! I forgot how amped and echoey and awesome my voice sounds in there and it's an absolute delight to sing in there. I literally have had and continue to have my best performances when I am on the pot, singing away, especially if it's really quiet.

4. The way I can cross the road! I'm no longer forced to wait for the walking light like a normal civilised person and it's so awesome to be able to cross HOWEVER you want, WHENEVER you want. Just show your hand, and move. I LOVE IT.

5. My laptop! I was so happy to use it again. I immediately changed all the settings (I had made it super easy for mom use in the lousy Windows 7 mode) and got back my Windows Classic theme and was so glad to see Chrome with all my bookmarks and all my files and folders.

6. Seeing some of my friends in touchable mode and being so psyched that I constantly stared and giggled randomly for joy every 10 minutes hehe.

7. Being able to pat my sa! I'm not going to explain this one. Hint : Sindhi used here. But seriously, it felt like one big relief, I could finally just be, without having to rush, without making plans, without being so constantly excited about what I'll get to see and experience. I feel so settled, and not to mention LAZY! hahahah I've gone from walking for hours a day to no walking at all. Going to put on all the weight I lost in a matter of days now!

8. Seeing all my other stuff! My cupboard and my drawers, and underwear I'd not taken with me, and tshirts and books and my guitar (can't wait to sit and play all day) and the view from my window!

9. THE FOOD! omg I don't know how this ended up being the last one on the list. Everything my mummy makes is so good and the tea! Aaah I really really really need to learn some cooking, I won't be able to live on my own this way!

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