Wednesday, January 22, 2014

List Series: Why You Should Love Yourself

1. You stop seeking approval.
2. Miserable loneliness gets converted into blissful solitude.
3. You become realistic and begin to be more ambitious.
4. You stop being stupidly hopeful.
5. You realise the beauty of every little thing.
6. You start to appreciate and be grateful a lot more.
7. You get to have long self pampering sessions.
8. You get to be super self indulgent.
9. You become emotionally and mentally stronger.
10. You believe in yourself and feel good about yourself.
11. You start to keep fit for a healthy lifestyle.
12. You ditch the darkness. (Wow that sounds so cool.)
13. You realise the true worth of the ones that love you.
14. You naturally become more responsible towards them.
15. You get to be at peace.
16. You become bulletproof.
17. You get to resolve your inner demons.
18. You become free.
19. You become world wary for the right reasons.
20. You begin to dream big.
21. You become more assertive.
22. You get angry much less often.
23. You find it easier to deal with sadness and loss.
24. You stop feeling like the world owes you things.
25. You don't waste your time and negativity on those who don't matter to you. (pretty much the same ones whom you don't matter to.)
26. You don't feel the need to apologise or make excuses for who you are.
27. You regain long lost childlike wonder.
28. You rediscover things that used to delight you.
29. You then discover that those same things still delight you.
30. You get to be truly happy.
31. You get to be you in all your gloriously flawed youness.

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