Sunday, January 19, 2014

Would You Rather

My teaching internship in Poland was part of the AIESEC Rzeszow LC program "Speak With Us" as mentioned before, so I was required to conduct a lot of speaking activities with my kids and I used to love playing WYR with them, among other games, as it was not only fun, but it also got them to think and I could either have a serious thought-provoking session with them or a funny one. My students being teenage high-school girls led me to falsely presume that they'd be a bit immature but I was blown away by their answers to some of the more deep not-about-eating-nose-hair-type questions I'd ask them.

I am only writing these reminiscing posts as I don't want to forget them; I don't want to forget parts of the trip like the Heaven Pier as they're highlights. Nice, inspirational, feel-good, helpful memories I don't want to forget one day and having them here makes sure I can relive them whenever I want to or feel blue.

I would not only ask them to pick one, but also give a reason, to get them to speak more. In fact, more than just the picking of the option, it was their reasoning behind them that really surprised and impressed me.

So when I asked them questions like:
WYR be happy and poor all day or rich and sad all day? - they said, surprise surprise, happy and poor.
WYR be forgotten or hatefully remembered? - they said, forgotten.
WYR be rich and ugly or poor and good-looking? - they were smart enough to say rich and ugly because of the wonders of plastic surgery hehe
WYR be stranded on an island alone or with someone you hate? This one was really interesting. If you asked me, I would definitely say alone. So when they said with someone they hated I was curious. The reasons? - One of them said "because loneliness is the worst thing" and one of them said "because over time, the hate would go out of the window for the sake of peace and staying together in harmony" LOL not those exact words and I've obviously decorated them with rich (read pansy) words like harmony but you get the point.
WYR end hunger or end hatred? This one I was pretty taken aback by. The wisdom they have is amazing. They didn't even need to think too much about it and said immediately that they would end hate - because without hate there wouldn't be any hunger. Honestly, I think younger people are way wiser than we think or give them credit for.

We're so self important, myself included. :(
I can't remember more awesome answers but I will add to this post if and when I do.

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