Sunday, March 09, 2014

Lightning Becomes Her

Thank the ideal alignment of the stars
Thank the way the moonlight weeps through the roof that's tattering
The storm has never been so welcome in all its destructive battering
The room is oddly bright even through the gloom
Resounding, almost audible within the walls, is her will to overcome
Her mere presence is fire
Friendship with darkness was too comfortable to forego before
But yesterday she sat cross legged on the ocean floor
Palms, faced towards the bottomless reefs, painted in sheets of scalding snow
Eyes burning with the threat of unshed tears
And then her heart stopped and panic struck
Death became her too but she missed the Blood Soldiers
So calling out to them in her meek ethereal voice
They found her, and marching hard, brought her back to life
Yesterday she hit her lowest point
Failure is beautiful because only it could break her
And broken now, she could hope again to be fixed
The perfect catalyst, it found her, and forced out of her an unfamiliar independence
Loss made her regress, slow to forget, no way did she believe she would progress
But today she finally understood:
Love was never real
It died a thousand inevitable deaths, while it lived two thousand inevitable births
It changed, sometimes growing to overwhelming selflessness
Sometimes shrinking to overwhelming selfishness
Love needed too much, took too much
Never yielding, never concluding
And today she finally discovered:
The light they all talked about was real; the one at the end of the tunnel
Time took her own sweet time though
She is fashionably, yet dependably late
And while you waited to be saved, defeated and hopeless
She sneaks up behind you
Takes you by the hand and walks with you
And then every day is new and full of promise
The newness is your very own refresh button
Every night of undisturbed sleep is a treasure
Every step is a burst of new found hope
And hope, really, is all she ever needs


  1. this is by far the most beautiful.

  2. Its beautiful Kamna. Simply beautiful :)

  3. It is, in fact, simply your best piece of work by a mile. However, I have not perused your entire body...of work. So, there may be other works of similar (or perhaps even greater) merit.
    But then...what do I know, right?