Friday, July 25, 2014


In hindsight, riding the purple tube in the midst of the endless German water park at 4:51 am was a good idea
It was a better idea than to be shampooing ham poo whose pace is almost exactly like the chewing motions of a bull's jaw
And really, the girl with horse hooves for feet chose to be a blind baby elephant instead of a barren tigress when given the choice
Just like sand, it was hard to stay in the confining corners of tightly wrapped fists the shape of a heart
Attitude change made all the difference is what was realised
The rain clouds formed in slow motion in front of brilliantly yellow eyes
The very little droplets that were to cascade down mercilessly were now evaporating defying gravity's stubborn pull
It's scary how real a dream can seem because then you can't tell from what's real and the dream.
You are luminous you're entire true self is so blindingly bright and the imagination can conjure up any thing
'Any thing' is very promisingly larger than life
Death by spindle was not only a fairytale notion as the surrogatory lull crept in the very same fistful heart
Of a journey never undertaken, crumbs of shrouded shirt creases with the urge to be biting and have dribbling down copious amounts of what-have-you
Aghast she stood with a maroon tube up her nose with hardly audible resentful murmurs escaping her sharply, oddly thin lips in swift spewings
Meanwhile plentiful sweat dribbled down her back, down her spine and into the natural stream to nether town
The disquiet was comfortingly pleasant and very bravely carried like tiny stones in a muddy pocket while running for forty eight minutes straight