Monday, November 16, 2015

I Really Lost My Mind This Diwali

Last week, I was rudely awakened at 6 am. I virtually spewed in the dark jabbing my stubby fingers all over the touch keypad of my phone shortly after:

Is there nobody in this entire city who is accountable for this nuisance?
Not a single officer who is promised a fancy promotion to ensure noise levels stay under a certain number of decibels?
Not a single constable whose job it is go check year on year, the death toll of the animals, the deaf cases, the accidents caused during this Wonderful festival of lights?
What is the purpose of this? Which God is being appeased?
Is this not terrorism? How is this forgivable?
When did the Festival of Lights become a Festival of Noise?
Why does it have to noisy to be fun?
What kind of person or groups of people take pleasure in this? Is he a sadist, is he someone who is only partaking in this because it is "cool" or "fun"?
Is there a lack of entertainment options for these people in a city of Mumbai?
What will it take to get this monitored, controlled, banned?
Is it that the Police is not equipped to pull it off?
In a city where security is taken so seriously, whose police force is reckoned worldwide to be one of its best?
Is it that the policymakers themselves are participants, are terrorists themselves?
How does a man not lose his sanity over being rudely awakened by bombs early in the morning?
How does any one wake up smiling saying "Kids" or "Might as well wake up now" happily?
How can one be so tolerant of this? How can one be so okay with disturbed sleep, for five days on end, admist absolute chaos?
How does one keep their cool, assume defeat, resign to being helpless?
How did we ever let ourselves become so utterly passive? So pathetically powerless?
This Diwali, I sincerely urge everyone who happens to read this on their Timeline to mindfully keep it quiet. Do what you can in your capacity to preach a noiseless Diwali.

The Water Crisis Is Real And I Happen To Give A Solid Fuck About It

The situation is dire.
India is just too ill-equipped in preparation of the impending water crisis.
I want to significantly increase the catchment of freshwater resources with the aid of sustainable and modern water harvesting techniques.
Artificial lakes should be made. Look at Dubai with her fake beaches. Powai lake is a living example of one. Why can't we identify more such properties and do it? Why can't each building, each open space have a big-ass tanky on the top?
It's always worth considering observing sensible governance adopted by countries who have been taking the lack of water as a resource seriously. Australia is a remarkable example.
What I love about them is that they charge everybody for water. The concept of having to pay for water in your monthly maintenance bill in the urban areas is something that could help control wastage.
The miser in each one of us will probably be far more conscious about water being wasted if we are made to explicitly pay for every litre.
We should also implement a more efficient water management system in the toilet. Why can't we have the half flush / full flush option? Seems fairly simple. You go pee pee you do a half flush and you go poo poo and do a full flush. And no reason why the water itself can't be recycled.

I have this morbid idea that World War III is more immediate than we know. And I won't be surprised if it is about water.