Thursday, March 24, 2016

Writing and Scribbling

Long simple stories with happy endings
Short complicated stories with sad endings

Faces of strangers with familiar smiles
Familiar faces with strange smiles

Beautifully written short sentences
Thrillingly written long paragraphs

Perfectly straight queueing by tiny black ants
Random scattering by red ants

Not knowing where your mind is
Knowing where your mind is

A lingering look from warm affectionate eyes
A short look from cold unloving eyes

A peaceful minute of standing under a shower
A sheer second of water unexpectedly splashed

Writing leisurely in cursive with pencil
Writing hastily in block letters with pen

Patiently undoing a particularly tight drawstring
Impatiently undoing a particularly tight drawstring

Cool water after roaming about under the sun
Cool water after freezing outside in the snow

Slow paced solo walking on unexplored paths
Fast paced group walking on unexplored paths

Sleeping and dreaming
Resting your eyes and incessantly thinking


Feeling powerful with no real power
Feeling powerless with real power

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