Thursday, December 15, 2016

Always be Contrasting

A tall claim and a small promise
A brash command and a feeble request
A line of condescension and a word of praise
A wave of fear and a ray of hope
A flush of anger and a flash of calmness
A warning of danger and a sign of rescue
A cool handshake and a tight hug
A look of contempt and a gaze of adoration
One step forward and one step backward

Thought Bonanza

Nothing floats in a bath tub
The sun is a circle of fire
Rich people from a poor man's country are the worst people
The reality that is an illusion and the illusion that is reality
Forever may have happened forever ago but forever will also happen forever
Reality unchallenged is an illusion unchangeable
Take a piece for my peace but don't give a piece for my peace
Multiplying into two is not as symmetrically satisfying as rooting the square
Intense dental work followed by a self portrait of LSDesque colours and waves of me violently cleaning my tongue with a pink toothbrush
The world's nobodies do nothing; the world's everybodies do everything; and the anybodies continue do to anything.
Having a conscience does the disciplinary job just as well as religion or state laws can.
You know you're in too deep when you can no longer enjoy indulging in a good looker's lingering look.
I really resent the phrase "school of thought" because that implies the schooling of thought and puts people in boxes.
What vastly inhibits growth is one's own inability to throw away their bad ideas into a wastebasket thereby triggering new thought.
I didn't expect to rant after drinking all of that expectorant

To Two Drastically Different Yous

What a miserable love is a love with no love
What a tragedy to want what you can't have
What a shame, and I'm to blame
Was that a way to live?
Was that a way to love?

What an incredibly quiet mouth you had there
What an incessantly loud mind I had here
What a waste, and such a disgrace
That's no way to live
That's no way to love

What fun to find joy in hidden places
What happiness to seek solace in new faces
What hope traces, with my swift paces
That's some way to live
That's some way to love

What a miracle for your love to have found me
What timing for you to stand right behind me
What good fortune, I'm over the moon
Now that's the way to live
That's the way to love

Feminine Famishment

Have you ever seen a cat,
Who looked like he'd eaten one too many rats?

Have you ever seen a dog,
Who looked he chewed too much flesh off too many bones?

Or, if I may, a high flying kite,
Who dragged down too many empty-eyed crows?

How about a snake shaped like a hose,
Who devoured one too many a human nose?

Have you spied a hungry-eyed lion cub,
Who ate hiding from his brothers behind a shrub?

And have you spotted a cunning little fox,
Who could wolf down a full carcass filled box?

I've seen it in my mind's eye and the thought is chewable and so I chew and chew and chew it till it's replaced by a docile dove wan looking and full of a vegetarian kind of appetite that's somehow fouler than any previous thought.

Yes? No. Okay.