Thursday, December 15, 2016

Feminine Famishment

Have you ever seen a cat,
Who looked like he'd eaten one too many rats?

Have you ever seen a dog,
Who looked he chewed too much flesh off too many bones?

Or, if I may, a high flying kite,
Who dragged down too many empty-eyed crows?

How about a snake shaped like a hose,
Who devoured one too many a human nose?

Have you spied a hungry-eyed lion cub,
Who ate hiding from his brothers behind a shrub?

And have you spotted a cunning little fox,
Who could wolf down a full carcass filled box?

I've seen it in my mind's eye and the thought is chewable and so I chew and chew and chew it till it's replaced by a docile dove wan looking and full of a vegetarian kind of appetite that's somehow fouler than any previous thought.

Yes? No. Okay.

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