Thursday, December 15, 2016

To Two Drastically Different Yous

What a miserable love is a love with no love
What a tragedy to want what you can't have
What a shame, and I'm to blame
Was that a way to live?
Was that a way to love?

What an incredibly quiet mouth you had there
What an incessantly loud mind I had here
What a waste, and such a disgrace
That's no way to live
That's no way to love

What fun to find joy in hidden places
What happiness to seek solace in new faces
What hope traces, with my swift paces
That's some way to live
That's some way to love

What a miracle for your love to have found me
What timing for you to stand right behind me
What good fortune, I'm over the moon
Now that's the way to live
That's the way to love

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