Friday, May 12, 2017

Pleasingly Positive Post for Posterity

Vacant with a few rooms to rent
Or a buzzing hive
Or calm like the ocean with volcanoes on the floor

Such elusiveness
Much appeal

Please don't mind me while I mine my mind

Bad kidneys make you disturbingly obese when you're approaching senility (in other words, oldage)

I walked out this morning and passed a hawker by my gate
Hawking is great skill
Had me imagine a sweet father-son relationship
Regular training sessions
Where a little boy of four gazed in wonder and admiration
As his father taught him the art of hawking
The twang the throat had to create
To create an echoing reverberation
Throughout the entire society
Thoroughly​ throughout four buildings
How lovely it would have been: the days where he would hold his father's little finger while they walked through the city's suburban lanes
Selling and buying rejected old books
And old paper
He learned how to read from given up old school books
How to write basic English words by taking a pencil and writing over thrown away homework
Everything he knew today was because of those rejected papers
And today he goes back to a family that loves him
A good life his father chose for him
His own son is learning now everyday
How to hawk and how to read
And how to write
And how to be like his father
And his grandfather

How simple
And how truly wonderful