Saturday, July 29, 2017

No Man (or Woman) is an Island

The finality of death is in such stark contrast to the predictability of birth.
Being a psychopath is better than having a psycho in your path
Sipping from a juice box titled "Compliance" may give you the courage to step on stage

But what if you fell in love with love?
And when you fell in love it was to the sound of music that felt like love
What if you understood both the value of meaning and the meaning of value?
And what if you understood that love was meaning?
Then living with meaning would mean living for love

When are you really strong - when you're strong enough to show weakness?
Or are you really strong when you show strength despite being weak?

Meaning can be found in another things though
Because love's not nearly enough for most people
Love has a shelf life
Love needs preservatives

My heart is still mine
And if I choose hope
It's my choice
You don't get to dictate how much and for how long I should care

It's the very same old sad songs that I find myself in when I'm lost
It's the same old pyjamas I feel most comfortable in when I feel like giving up

Your eyebrows and eyelids were the softest I had ever felt
I was utterly devoted to your temples
I am

Every one knows that a broken heart is blind
The insularity of a troubled mind
It's inescapable

But I'll be good
I choose hope

My mother presses the top of the toothpaste tube and I press the bottom
And the days go on

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