Saturday, October 18, 2008

ABC of me..

A- Albino. don't know why, it just came to me!
B- Babies, I love babies, I wish I was surrounded by 100 babies all the time. Small babies but, as soon as they turn 3 they get annoying.
C- Cinderella. Its my favourite movie of all time. Timeless.
D- ? I'm thinking..D for dapple?! D for Dall? D for Dog!. yay!
E- Elephants. I love elephants. cute animals..
F- Frog. Fish fry, fanatics. don't like either!
G- Godzilla! I liked that movie..!
H- Harshita, she's my sister and one of my favourite persons.
I- India, "mera bharat mahan". Even with all the potholes and the corrupted politicians.
J- Jam with real pieces of fruit in it, especially strawberry and mulberry!:)
K- For Kamna, M-E
L- Lameness of life, which is perpetual in my case.(what am I saying?!)
M- Mother. The only person who can love you unconditionally.
N- Nature. The reason for our existence.
O- O for oxygen. I love the song by Colbie.
P- Pretty. Oh I'm so pretty :) lame, told you!
Q- Q for QAT, I don't know what it means, but it always helps me in Scrabble. Arre haan, it means "an evergreen shrub".

R- Ratatouille. I loved that movie. Hate real rats!!!
S- S for stupid, because that's how my ABC is going!!
T- Tangerine, I love tangerines, I can eat 6 at a time!
U- Under my umbrella ell la ella ey ey..(sorry taneesha, this is the best use of U!)
V- Variety Kellogg's cornflakes, my favourite, it comes in different small packets. :D
W- Witchcraft, my most obscene ambition in life!
X- XU, XI, XE these are the only 3 letter words you can make in scrabble. (shit i am obsessed!)
Y- Yay! one of my favourite words!
Z- Zee TV?! Zebra(is the black stripes on the white body or the other way around??)

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  1. Hahaha nice! I gotta agree with ya, that is the best use of umbrella ha! ;)