Thursday, October 16, 2008


So I was lying on my bed this afternoon listening to my iPod, when I started thinking about things I really want to do in life, like a wish list. Here it is,

  • Climb Everest. (Totally cliched, I know, but who doesn't want to be on the top of the world!)
  • Skydive.(My dad's done it, and it's on video..just hope i do it without chicken-ing out!)
  • And Bungee Jump.(Okay, maybe not, maybe ill faint just looking down!)
  • Come on a reality TV show like "Moment of Truth" or "The Amazing Race."
  • Meet and write a song and perform with any one of my favourite artists(Highly unlikely, but a dream's a dream)
  • Live in a country home, you know, lakefront mansion, tea on the porch, the works.
  • Go to as many wildlife national parks around the world. I do want to see the animals before they are extinct.
  • Sleep in a four-poster bed. And a water bed.
  • Drive on a road that never ends, not too fast, again on a country road. Hopefully.
  • Learn how to dance, properly, any dance form. (belly dance!)
  • Learn a foreign language. French, Portuguese, Spanish, any! (and have secret conversations no one understands)
  • Experience something out of the world, magic, anything spiritually significant.
  • Write a book.
  • Travel continuously for a year, at least.
  • Fall in Love, true love, with some one like Rhett from "Gone With The Wind" and not mess it up like Scarlett did. (Okay, this one is dramatic)
  • See the best sunset, or sunrise, whatever, anything beautifully moving.
  • Encounter a personality as great as Gandhi or something, just to be momentarily mesmerized.
  • Sing from the soul and dance to the music of the world, actually, first be able to listen to that sound, like Brida can, but then that's fiction. Or is it?
  • Now I am blabbering. Something more real now. I want to sleep in Egyptian cotton. (Don't ask me, Gwen Stefani thinks it's "luxurious")
  • Yeah, I think that's about it, but then people never stop wishing or dreaming, do they? An update soon.
  • Oh ya! I want to also have a chance-meeting with someone I haven't seen for a long time.


  1. hey there! I'm glad my blog makes you want to blog more, nothing makes me more happy! :) I wanna go bungee jumping too! I think we should do it together, then we can help each other not faint ;) ha I'd like to perform with my fav artist too... our wishes are almost similar ha! I'm waiting for your ABC... :)

  2. hey your 'abc of me' page won't open!? :(