Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pregnant Purple Penguins are one of MY sunniest fallacies.

I have Issues.
I want Tissues.
I need Tissues for these Issues.
I take Purposeful Pauses.
I make Outrageous Outbursts.
I am Maddeningly Messed up.
I am Languidly Loony.
I am Decidedly Deranged.
I have Irrelevant Ideas.
I am Eclectically Erratic.
I am Dangerously Deluded.
I am Exclusively Elusive.
Whatever it takes to be Real.
What does it take to be real?
Does the music sound as good, as real, as true, or as purely magical to you as it does to me?
Are we singing the same songs?
Dancing the same dance?
Comprehensively Complicated as I can be.
Complicatedly Incomprehensible as this can this get.
It's your complacent semblance that rocks the cradle.
And yet, it's my world.
"It's a simple world. I know the tables turn. And I'll close the book of you word after word."