Monday, May 31, 2010

Hello :)

Dear Readers,

Since I've decided I HAVE to blog today, since I've allowed myself the crime to not blog in May, which by the way is a holiday month for me, and which by the way is the month I thought I'll blog my most-est, here I am, on the final day of May satisfying my conscience. So to say.
I'm weird I know.
I thought that this month, because I had so much spare time, I'd have all the time in the word to sit and pen down all my 9 story ideas(Yeah, NINE). But inspiration was not to come, and hence no writing faithful(I doubt) readers.
Let me tell you about this holiday.
For something to blog about. (Damn, am I sad)
I joined Dance Class. Oh yeah. Not just any dance class. BOLLYWOOD dance. Hell yeah. Picture me dancing wobbly-ly. Funny eh.
I'm so bored right now. I'm just writing for the heck of it. NO good.
Second, I did the HDFC SLIC thing. How nice. Professional :P
I participated in a NATIONAL Scrabble tournament! :) ('bout the highlight of this holiday)
Oh I went to Hong Kong for a holiday. That was fun too!




I'm like, spoiling my blog with this ONE stain; crappy blog post.

Whatever. I'm done now.