Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Today I feel the inspiration flowing, feel like I could type and type and type.

I was thinking now about belief and all its repercussions.
Why do we believe? What makes us believe in things?
I think, it's a choice we make, when we are told something, when we read something; basically whenever we are intimated any information, the mind automatically starts contemplating whether it's something worth our believing in it, whether our belief of it will benefit us in any emotionally gratifying way, or whether it's feasible enough to believe.
From the time we are conceived there are things we are made to believe, and so in all our innocence of mind, we accept facts which are presented to us, without any questions asked. Perhaps it's out of cowardice. Our mind refuses to object or question these dogmas that so easily settle in our mindset and form such a huge part of our upbringing.
Like religion for instance, it's something we can't choose when we are born, and so is our basic perception of things like existence and God. We are told without us being mentally grown enough to question, things like "oh you must fold your hands now in prayer" when we're taken to temples as kids, we're made to learn certain hymns and verses about God, and in all our innocence, we do and enjoy rhythmically singing to it, and that eventually becomes a routine.
That's why there are so many religion based schools. I went to 4 schools in all my school life. 2 of them were religion based. When I say religion based, from lack of the appropriate word to use, I mean, that, the 1st was a convent, a boarding school, and a second an ISKCON school.
In both, in me was cultivated a deep sense of ethnicity, because they're both so contradicting. When I was in a convent, every Wednesday and Sunday we would go to the church and sing all the Jesus songs. Apart from that, we had daily prayers I indulgently enjoyed. In the other school, too we had our morning prayers at the near temple. So all this combined has sort of a mixed effect on my thoughts about religion. There was a period in time when I became an Atheist. It got too much for me; all the questions unanswered. I think when you're Atheist, you're truly messed up about things. It's too strong a belief to refuse mentally and existence of God. We need to believe in a God. It makes us feel secure. It answers things for us. We stop feeling lost, and faith in God means emotional security. Because then you have that clutch on reality, then everything makes sense. Somehow when you start believing in a god, everything straightens out, it gives meaning and purpose to all the things that happen. Almost makes us believe in destiny.
Anyway, apart from that subject which is too controversial and mind frying to further dwell on, the main reason for my post today was to make the point that, we believe because we CHOOSE to believe.
If we wanted to, if we were mentally grown up enough, or not cowardly, we would, like some special children, question all these dogmas that tend to just stick with you and build your base of values. But still, it's never too late to make these questions, and change what you believe. That is if you're beliefs are loose and misconstrued. Like mine I guess. I'm always looking for real justifiable reasons to believe in ground truths.
One day I shall learn. The learning process never stops. So doesn't believing. The day we stop believing, we would have nothing left to call our own. Because it's with belief and Faith, more importantly, that we get all our security from.

Enough of my sordidness. I will find a better brighter topic to talk about next. Promise. :)

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