Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Moony & Moody

Have you ever gone to bed after a pretty lousy and long day, dead tired, and all dismayed from the aftertaste of the day’s events, when you lay your head on the pillow and look out the window, and see the moon through everything else blocking the view?

It’s the best thing in the world. Through the mesh and the grill it lies. A perfectly circular moon. The only distinct thing in the sky. Standing out in all its brightness. It’s whiteness against the black.

So beautiful.

What if the whole sky was white, and there was a black moon instead. Would that be equally wondrous? Or is it because we’ve since time immemorial, made white so great. What if black were to become the new white? Did god predetermine this when he was creating this world? A blob of white against the backdrop of black? Lol i think I'm just really sleepy. It’s 3 in the morning.

Goodbye Moon.

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