Friday, December 17, 2010

Tears Tears Tears

Tears are a sorry and sad excuse as well as a substitute for an incomprehensible and elusive wave of emotion. You cry when you are overcome with emotion. But do any of us really know what our tears mean? What feelings they stand for?
You cry when it's too much to take; When the world as a whole seems to encapsulate your emotional being and all you can do is cry. A real person cannot hold back tears. And when I say real person I do not intend to offend fake people. I am only stating the obvious that for you to cry, or to express any emotion for that matter, you need to be very alive and in touch with reality. Babies cry because they don't know any better. Adults however only cry when that's all they're reduced to doing. It's primitive instinct to regress into childish behaviors when we are experiencing the extremes of emotions such as joy and pain.
The idea is to make crying an emotionally gratifying and light heartening experience. Crying never made pain worse. It only made pain less hard to bear. And it should do just that.

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