Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nonsensical Rant Inspired by the ONE and ONLY ADHD inflicted Ryan Higa

Practice makes a man perfect, but if nobody is perfect, then nobody is a man!
& a man is nobody, which means there are no bodies of men!
& when there are no bodies of men, then females cannot reproduce!
& if the females can't procreate, the world can't go on!
SO stop practicing, because you're causing Armaggedon!
BUT stop practicing what?
If you stop practicing anything,
If you don't do anything, then nothing will ever be done!
Then it's as good as causing Armageddon. So just do whatever you want!
& whatever you do, the end is inevitable!
BUT, there is always an EPSILON in life.
An unoccupied place outside the loop.

CHECK OUT ONE OF HIS RANTS, the last part's the best :)

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