Monday, April 25, 2011

Something about the night that makes me write. Something about the night that feels so right.

You have to catch the thought before you let it disappear. Before you forget the idea, you must express it in some form before it's gone forever. Don't wait for your dreams to merge with your reality till it's true. You have to let yourself be who you want to. You have to do the things that make you happy. No one else can give you what you want better than you can. The more self-reliant you are, the more independent you'll be. And with independence comes self-confidence. And if others misconstrue that as selfishness, don't try and prove them otherwise, because nobody is worth that effort. You can't expect anybody to know you. And if someone finally does understand you, without your actions ever being justified, hold on to them. If they can see your strength, and respect you and love you for it, then that's just the multiplication of joy, not the addition of it, to your life.

Love and music makes my life beautiful. Music is love. Music is so powerful. I could literally sit here all night and listen to music.

Find that thing that makes life worth the while. Life is only short when you live it like that. Don't over stay, don't over think, don't over possess anything. Let it be. When things are left to be, they can grow uninterrupted. Don't ever attach yourself to anything external of you. Detachment brings clarity. Clarity is good, it's clear and beautiful. Life is actually VERY simple. One step at a time, everything comes, and then goes too.

Nothing is constant. That's how it should be, too. Appreciate all that's around you. It's all so good. We have life so good. It could be SO much worse, you know.

Let yourself breathe and feel alive in this moment. Dive into the ocean unclothed, the ocean in your imagination. Unleash what's hiding within. Let go of all your inhibitions. You can't and shouldn't hide yourself. Because the best person is not around you, it's within you. That person can heal you. That person is what you've always wanted to be.

Love life, it's shorter than you think. Love the people in it, the ones who've always been there. The ones who have at least tried to.

I love yellow sunflowers :)


  1. sunflowers don't come in any other color

  2. they do.. as a result of breeding. purple, vanilla, etc! :P

  3. im confused..first you said life is not so short..thenu said life is short..make up ur mind! Loli

  4. life is too short to be...
    yet too long to ...