Friday, June 03, 2011

"Gone With The Wind" inspired poem-ish thing.

The sound of the rain is so overwhelming
I feel like I could drown myself in the sound
Unseen, unheard, unspoken, and unknown
Tears and rain joining in a divine union
More rain, more tears, more heart
More soul with every drop falling to the Earth
Heart breaking with every heartbeat
Miles reducing with every heavy step of my feet
The world is drenched in water, water everywhere
Nothing but the sound, the beauty
The smell of the downpour
Nothing but the cold, the so very cold cold
97 days gone by without a single word
97 and more shall continue to pass still
They say silence speaks louder than words
I guess my silence wasn't loud enough
I am; what I am and nobody else
            who I am made out to be in your eyes
            who I am made out to be in my eyes
            whatever I want to be
            what I am in being what I can
            who I see, I am who I know, I am who I feel
            what I used to be, and what I never was
            who you knew, who you know,
            whom you never knew, whom you'll never know
I am this being, made up of my past, present, future.
I am also what I want to be, what I can be,
And what I am sure I will be
And the world is an unexplored, untouched place,
Ready to be learned, ready to be discovered,
A new place every single day
The learning, the growing will never stop
Nothing ever stops
This rain will stop and it will rain again
After all, tomorrow is another day
For now, I am going with the wind.

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