Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Lost Yard of Bluegrass Leaves

I could still see it in the map of my mind
There were big and great watermelons growing in the clouds
And when it rains, it seems like blood rain
Excepting the presence of seeds
I dug the ground and rescued the scarlet pink pixie
And found a world of mulberries 'neath
And then me and nephew John sat by the pier fishing for angry sharks
And popping them mulberries by the orange sunset
And then John gasped in horror
For we did not catch a shark
But a big and great green sea dragon
He was 85 feet wide
And 65 feet tall
And he looked at us and grinned
Flashing, surprisingly pearly white teeth
John approached and touched the dragon's tail
And POOF, the dragon disappeared into the maroon rain
Then we headed to the field of stones
And no longer did we see any bluegrass leaves
The blueness was dyed into the redness of the rain
And no longer the yard of blue leaves did remain
Heartbroken, nephew John and I went to our yellow cottage near the brook
I didn't prepare dinner so we restauranted it
Later Mike told me about the movie I wanted to see, "just torrent it!"
The disappointment I felt when the laptop wouldn't start up, was acute
The disappointment I felt was anything but obtuse

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