Saturday, July 09, 2011

Of Paradoxes, Smashing into Walls, et al.

While in the bathroom today, I stumbled across an interesting paradox. It's believed that the best things in life happen unexpectedly.  Also, it's is generally believed that when you want to be happy and successful you should be positive about life. Negativity is thought to bring only sorrow and bitterness.

But here's the catch: doesn't being positive involve a positive frame of mind where everything that happens is in the hope and expectation of something good for your benefit? Of course it does. Then how, when you are being positive or hopeful about something, it doesn't happen? Why do these best things have to happen unexpectedly? I understand that this does not happen in every case and naturally being negative is bad. But sometimes when you least expect things to happen, they do, and then you somehow value it much more.

When we believe that when good things happen to us unexpectedly we assume somewhere in our heads that is has been engineered from out of our capability. Because even wishing or dreaming about good things makes us feel somewhat in control of our destiny. And when that happens, we embrace it and respect that good thing so wholeheartedly, because whenever in life we come across something that is not ours, we  tend to want it all the more.

But change, in this case is an opposing idea. When change, good or bad is enforced, we always shun it. Or maybe 90% of the time we do. Change is never fully welcome.

It's so surprising that I am writing now, at 8 am! Long gone are those deep revelations filled late nights. Hello strange new morning person! Blame it on my current routine! :/

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