Monday, July 25, 2011

The Root of Beer [co-written by ADITI]

The bear and the boar
Danced all night 'round the fire
And the result was the birth of beer
The boar said, this is not my child liar!
The boar was sliced into two, the pain he could not bear
And all this while, Red Indians came along, and carried away the beer!

And then in the woods, the troubled bear
Went searching for the beer
But instead he found a seer
Who was only adorned in a lioncloth sheer
The seer conjured magic gear
His holiness realised on seeing the bear
The exact reason of his coming there

Meanwhile, the Indians lay at leisure at their lair
Inebriated, they played with each others' lice in their hair
The seer apparated from nowhere
Yelping, the Indians got such a scare
For the bear came too, and jumped towards all his beer

The Indians were overwhelmed with fear
But all the bear did was stand and jeer
With one skilled leap, he landed in the Indians jeep
And in a frenzy he tried to steer
His enclosure though was far from near
The Indians that followed with their spears
Invoked fear in the bear

Fleeing, the bear for victory was sure
But somehow one Indian did a spear bore
The seer, flying, whispered a spell and the wound did cure
More spells were yelled, the Indians gone, all but remained four
Beer in hand of the bear, for many years was this lore retold

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