Monday, September 05, 2011


Alexis and Ellis sat on the porch of Alexis' Trenchtree outhouse. It had been three and a half months since the sisters met and it didn't seem like it for they shared a close enough bond that even time or distance wasn't a hindrance. There had been a torrential downpour for the past week on the Eastern part of the town of Uhbridge but here on the West it was dry like a basement.
They had unfulfilled dreams, dreams that made them restless and nostalgic. Restless because a part of them felt like they could have been living different lives from what they chose. And nostalgic because of all the thorough plans they made at that very porch billions of years ago. Or so it felt.
But they were not bitter. The siblings were content with what they were and what lives they created. The husbands they chose, the children they nurtured and the love they spread.
So the sisters sat, both eating freshly plucked peaches from the peach tree in the yard. Alexis wore a purple coloured bonnet with a gummy bear exactly in the middle. Ellis, the older one, tied her hair in a neat bun with long, pink, demure hairpins.
Ellis had a throaty laugh, full of sensuality. She was all woman, with here small yet curvy figure, and ever so soft features. Alexis on the other hand was the handsome one, with a tall and slender frame. Nevertheless she was very pretty and had Light blue eyes that never stopped twinkling.
Alexis and Ellis had a dream the previous night and were currently having an animated discussion about it. They both dreamt about the same thing, rather, the same person. Charlie.
They did have amazing experiences because of the life they shared with Charlie. But the time for fun always has to end somewhere and that's when life happens. And it did.
Charlie used to be their boss. And they were Charlie's Angels!!!

And who is Charlie, you ask?

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