Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Yoga in Goya

I will always remember the day I felt one with the earth while lying on the grassy floor of the secluded grove in the middle of the undiscovered tropical forest listening to the deep sounds from all around and holding in my hand the rough, small and irregularly shaped rocks and remotely aware of my sense of self while gazing at the endless canopy of pine trees strong and proud below the limitless untouched sky that was so sparsely littered with stars, there was barely any space between them. I watched till my entire being, and all that I am aware of, drowned in a slumber so sweetly enchanting I felt I was floating and when my eyelids opened I was overjoyed to find that I was indeed transported onto the still calming waters of the vast ocean. Never moving, my body felt weightless. My mind even more light. This was what life was all about. Getting lost. Not finding yourself, not uncovering hidden truths, not having epiphanies, not discovering unknown answers to unanswerable innumerable questions. Life was about getting to a place wherein you consume the world and the world consumes you. About abandon, about true freedom, about feeling lighter than it's ever been possible for any being to feel.

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